Tragedy Strikes: 46-Year-Old Actress Dies in Swimming Pool

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.10 - 2023 1:15 PM CET

46-Year-Old Actress Dies in Swimming Pool.

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Itziar Castro, a beloved 46-year-old Catalan actress and a passionate activist for feminist and LGBT rights, tragically passed away in a swimming pool in Lloret de Mar. This is reported by L'Independent.

She was preparing a synchronized swimming show for Christmas in the popular Costa Brava resort.

During technical checks, particularly of the lighting, on Thursday, Castro suffered a medical emergency.

Despite the immediate response of two municipal police units and two firefighter teams who performed resuscitation efforts, Castro succumbed to a heart attack.

Castro, known for her significant following of 396,000 on Instagram, was a celebrated figure across the Pyrenees.

Her sudden death has left her fans and the broader community in shock, mourning the loss of a talented actress and a committed advocate for social causes.

See Itziar Castro's Last Instagram Post Below, Where She Touchingly Pays Tribute to Her Mother.

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