Trump greeted with double middle fingers by Bill Burr's Wife

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.12 - 2023 11:33 AM CET


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During the UFC 295 pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden, a woman believed to be Nia Renée Hill, the wife of comedian Bill Burr, was spotted on camera giving Donald Trump a conspicuous double middle finger salute.

The former president was in attendance with a notable entourage including Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock, Dana White, and his son Donald Trump Jr.

While the New York crowd mostly greeted Trump with cheers, Hill's gesture stood out, expressing her clear disapproval of the former president.

Her sentiments about Trump are not new; she has previously expressed her disdain for him on social media. In a 2012 tweet, Hill criticized Trump's involvement in the Miss Universe pageant, stating, "Started to watch Miss Universe but forgot that asshole Trump was involved. #pass."

Bill Burr, known for his often complex political views, was seated next to Hill during the event.

The moment captured on camera quickly gained attention, highlighting the divisive nature of Trump's public appearances and the strong opinions he continues to elicit from various sections of the public.

Watch the clip of Bill Burr's wife flip off Trump at UFC 295 in Madison Square Garden below: