Cat breaks world record for loudest purr - Louder than a television

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.21 - 2023 1:17 PM CET

Screenshot Youtube
Screenshot Youtube

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In the quiet corners of Cambridgeshire, England, a feline sensation is making waves—or rather, purrs of epic proportions.

Meet Bella, the 14-year-old cat who has recently claimed the Guinness World Record for the loudest purr by a domestic living cat, registering an astonishing 54.59 decibels.

Owned by Nicole Spink, Bella is no ordinary housecat. Her purr, equivalent to the sound of a kettle boiling, has placed her in the global spotlight.

Living a life filled with food, cuddles, and television, Bella’s love for the latter requires her human family to crank up the TV volume when she’s in the room.

"Bella’s purrs can drown out the television in the evenings, something my late husband always used to point out,” shared Spink.

The record-breaking moment was a family affair, with Spink and her daughter using a mobile app to record Bella’s powerful purr before sending it off to Guinness for official measurement.

Living in Huntingdon, a quaint market town, Bella’s lifestyle is laid-back, to say the least. Yet, when it came to her moment in the spotlight, even the senior “lazy” cat couldn’t resist showing off her vocal prowess.

Spink admitted being concerned about whether Bella would perform under pressure, describing her as a “stubborn little old lady.” However, all it took was a bowl of her favorite Whiskas cat food to set the purring record straight.

Bella’s story has not just been a delight for her family, but it has resonated with cat lovers and internet users worldwide, proving that even in the realm of relaxation, records are meant to be broken.

So, the next time you find yourself turning up the TV volume, just remember: you might be sharing your living room with a potential world record holder.

See the video of the Guinness World Record breaking cat here:

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