Video: Jake Gyllenhaal's Hilarious Monologue on SNL Finale Jabs Conor McGregor

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.19 - 2024 10:53 AM CET

Photo: SNL/X
Photo: SNL/X
Jake Gyllenhaal's hilarious SNL monologue includes jabs at Conor McGregor and a musical twist.

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Jake Gyllenhaal hosted the final episode of 'Saturday Night Live' season 49 with a mix of humor and playful jabs at his co-stars.

Hosting for the third time, Gyllenhaal made it clear he was thrilled to be back, even if he would have preferred to host the milestone 50th season premiere.

A Hilarious Monologue

Taking the stage, Gyllenhaal immediately addressed the unusual significance of hosting the 49th season finale.

"It's great to be hosting the finale of season 49! I mean, when you think of historic television seasons, the first number that pops into your head is 49," he joked.

"Sure, one more episode and I would have been hosting the premiere of the 50th season. But who cares? You know, 49 is a great number. Seven times seven? Classic. Oh, and 49 is like 69 but easier."

Adding a punchline about his recent film work, Gyllenhaal quipped,

"Also, 49 is the number of times Conor McGregor 'accidentally' punched me during Road House."

Referring to his role in the 2024 remake of the action film, he shared his experience working with the MMA star.

"People ask me what it's like to work with Conor, and I always say, 'Oh, so great!' Because I'm scared he's nearby."

Below, you can see one of the previous episodes where SNL made fun of Trump's Bible Selling Business.

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