Watch: Meghan Markle's 'Return' to Acting in a Coffee Advert

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.20 - 2023 10:47 AM CET

Meghan Markle's 'Return' to Acting in a Coffee Advert.

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has returned to her acting roots in a short commercial for Clevr Blends, a coffee company in which she has invested.

Portraying a busy, bumbling intern, Meghan was seen engaging in typical office tasks like distributing coffee, answering phone calls, and working on a computer.

This role is a notable shift from her previous acting engagements, where she gained fame in the Netflix legal drama "Suits" as Rachel Zane and appeared in Hollywood movies like "Remember Me," "Get Him To The Greek," and "Horrible Bosses"​​.

Despite her earlier success in acting, Meghan stepped back from her career upon her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017 and has not returned to acting since the couple stepped back from the Royal Family three years ago​​.

Recently, Meghan signed with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor, indicating a potential interest in furthering her career.

However, a source close to Meghan and Harry denied reports of her planning a return to acting. Amidst this, there have been speculations about Meghan's possible shift towards reality TV, with Andy Cohen, a producer of "Real Housewives," expressing interest in having her on a spin-off of the show​

Watch Meghan Markle's new 'role' below

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