Do You Pour Pasta Water Down the Sink? Here's What You Should Do Instead

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.27 - 2024 10:29 AM CET

Do You Pour Pasta Water Down the Sink?

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It's interesting how food can have different cultural significance depending on where you are. In Italy, pasta is a delicacy, and numerous chefs take pride in preparing it correctly with the right sauce and seasoning. In other countries, pasta is often what we throw into the pot when we're lazy or just can't decide on anything else.

However, even though pasta and spaghetti are 'simple' foods for many people, almost all of us make a nearly unforgivable mistake from a culinary perspective.

We should never ever pour pasta into a colander and thus let the water drain out through the kitchen sink. But why not? According to the media outlet Bon Appetit, one should not discard the water but instead save it and use it in cooking.

They actually refer to the water as 'liquid gold'.

Smart Trick for Lots of Flavor

The media outlet suggests saving the spaghetti water and using it to make a sauce, as it reportedly adds a fantastic flavor. Additionally, pasta water apparently also gives the sauce an almost silky texture. This is because water and oil are bound together, preventing the sauce from becoming 'sloppy' and avoiding sediment.

Moreover, the food enthusiasts from Bon Appetit also suggest using pasta water as an alternative to flour, cream, and other ingredients when thickening a sauce.

However, it should be noted that one should be careful not to add too much to the sauce, as it could ruin the entire dish. The writer does not provide a guide on how much pasta water to use, so it seems to be a matter of experimentation!