Former McDonald's Chef Reveals: Make This Order To Find Out If Your Local Mcdonald's Is Good Or Not

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.28 - 2023 11:02 AM CET

Make This Order To Find Out If Your Local Mcdonald's Is Good Or Not.

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A former McDonald's chef has created a "foolproof test" to determine if your local branch of the Golden Arches is "a good one."

Mike Haracz, known as @chefmikeharacz on TikTok, says he used to work at McDonald's corporate office and has shared 'insider information' about the business on his social media.

He claims that customers can test if their McDonald's branch is "good" with a simple order.

Mike said on TikTok:

"Go to your local McDonald's at a peak time - so around lunch or dinner. Here you should order 10 Quarter Pounders with cheese, and you can also make some changes to those burgers. Bring some friends. It's going to be a bit expensive.".

He continued to explain how a good branch will serve your order in five minutes or less if they know what they're doing, without making mistakes in the process.

Mike added: "If they can't handle it, maybe it's not the best-run McDonald's."

However, he says there are "a lot of things" that can affect his test - such as staffing issues, equipment problems, and the branch receiving a lot of customized orders at the same time.

Corporate Standards

Speaking to Fox News Digital, he said: "This is based on corporate standards that say McDonald's targets service times of 120 seconds. Due to grill capacity and the burgers taking about 80 seconds to cook, it may take two cooking cycles to complete the order."

"There are a number of other factors that can affect a 'good' McDonald's, such as management, staff training, cleanliness, recent restaurant updates, and staff morale."

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