Most people overlook this: What to look for when buying red meat

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.27 - 2023 7:55 AM CET

What to look for when buying red meat.

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When planning meals for the week, a steak dinner might be on your list for a luxurious treat. However, choosing the right cut of meat at the supermarket is crucial, according to Mike Reid, culinary director for Gaucho restaurants and a judge on Channel 4's Five Star Kitchen.

Reid emphasizes that the color of the meat is a significant factor to consider.

Importance of meat color

Reid advises against picking bright red cuts of meat.

Such a color usually indicates that the animal was young and recently slaughtered, lacking in flavor and tenderness. Instead, he recommends opting for darker cuts.

"The meat naturally oxidizes when it's cut, and as it ages, it becomes darker in color. You'll generally get a better piece of beef the darker it is. Oxidation is okay; it doesn't change the taste," Reid told The Mirror.

Where to buy your meat

While Reid suggests going to a butcher for the best quality, he acknowledges that supermarkets are often more convenient. However, he warns that you could waste your money on low-quality meat if you're not careful with your selection.

Reid's advice is to look for darker cuts of meat, as they are likely to be more flavorful and tender. He also suggests going to a butcher when possible for the best quality cuts.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your next steak dinner will not only be luxurious but also delicious.

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