How to Keep Big Birds Away from Your Bird Feeder

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.06 - 2024 6:15 PM CET

Birds of a feather might flock together, but what happens when the big, bold ones crash the party at your bird feeder?

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Big, bold birds might not be everyone's favorite guests at the bird feeder. They tend to show up uninvited and scare off the smaller, cuter birds.

But fear not! We've got some clever tricks to help you keep those big birds at bay and let the little chickadees and sparrows enjoy their meals in peace.

Here are 8 tips to help you out:

  1. Keep It Close: Place your bird feeder close to your house so you can keep an eye on it. When those big birds come knocking, just clap your hands together loudly to scare them away. It works like magic!

  2. Hide and Seek: Tuck your feeder into some bushes or plants to create a safe haven for the little birds.

  3. Outsmart Them: To outwit those big birds, use a feeder designed with metal bars that only small birds can squeeze through.

  4. Watch What You Feed: Avoid bread and cheap birdseed mix. Instead, opt for high-quality seeds and nuts that aren't as appealing to the big birds.

  5. Portion Control: Excessive food on the feeder can lead to messes on the ground, attracting unwanted guests like mice, rats, and big birds. Maintain tidiness by measuring out just the right amount of food.

  6. Build a Barrier: Invest in a low feeder with barriers or nets that have small holes to keep out the big birds—like erecting a fence against unwanted visitors.

  7. Hang 'Em High: Protect your birdseed balls from big bird attacks by suspending them on a long, sturdy wire.

  8. Get Creative: Convert an upside-down flowerpot into a hanging bird feeder. The big birds will quickly give up, leaving the little ones to dine in peace.

So there you have it! With these clever tricks up your sleeve, you'll be able to keep those big birds away and create a cozy dining spot just for the little guys.

Happy birdwatching!

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