Need to Repot Plants? Gardener Praised for Ingenious Tip

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 9:27 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Gardener Praised for Ingenious Tip.

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Even in winter, you can still take good care of your plants!

A woman has been praised for her "fantastic" gardening tip that will make repotting super easy and stress-free, as reported by Express.

As summer approaches, many people are taking out their shovels to do some gardening, and an expert has revealed her trick to make repotting much easier.

A Simple Trick

According to Pensionist, Hayley Burke, an artist and mother, teaches people on social media how to be self-sufficient around their homes and gardens.

In a recent TikTok, Hayley posted a video explaining her quick and simple method for uprooting plants.

Hayley said it was a "gardening trick you need to use," and that you can thank her later for this useful tip.

She bought a plant in a small supermarket pot and also purchased a larger outdoor pot to transfer it into.

Using the Old Pot

In the video, resourceful Hayley then uses the smaller supermarket plant pot to wedge a hole into the soil of the larger outdoor pot.

She uses a garden spade to smooth the soil around the smaller pot and begins to place compost around it while keeping it in place.

This trick leaves a perfect hole for you to replant in and requires no extra digging or hassle.

Hayley later lifts the small plant pot out of the soil and easily places her new plant into the larger pot.

A Brilliant Trick!

In the comments section, she said she would water the plant's roots before placing it in the larger pot and that she used peat-free multi-compost for replanting.

In the video's comment section, other gardeners thanked Hayley for her simple trick, with many people asking why they had never thought of doing this before.

One user said the idea was "brilliant," while another happy user called it a "wonderful hack."

A woman wrote: "Oh my God, I needed to see this three weeks ago! I've been planting for over a month now and didn't think it was so easy."

Another person said, "can't believe it, just brilliant," while a third wrote: "Wow, this is one of those moments where I think 'how did I not think of that!'"

In the comments section, Hayley wrote that she was "glad" people found her gardening work useful.