Pest Expert Reveals: Spread Chopped Onions in Your Garden to Keep Rats Away

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.26 - 2024 10:20 PM CET

A pest control expert suggests spreading this kitchen staple around your garden and home as a non-toxic method to keep rats away.

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Many people are eager to find effective ways to deter unwelcome guests like rats, known for their unpleasant tails, association with sewers, and disease transmission.

Rats are unwelcome in our homes and gardens, and for good reason, it's legally required to report rat sightings to local authorities. Once rats settle in, they rapidly reproduce, escalating the problem. Rats are also known to cause house fires by chewing on wires.

However, there's a simple, non-toxic method to keep rats at bay without harming them or using poison.

A Strong Scent They Dislike

According to pest control expert Robert Collins, rats have an aversion to chopped onions.

Scattering chopped onions around your garden and home can significantly reduce the likelihood of rats making your space their residence. The strong odor of onions acts as a natural deterrent.

For this method to be most effective, it's important to replace the onions regularly to ensure they remain fresh.

Now, it's up to you to decide whether you'd rather shed tears over chopping onions or deal with a rat infestation.

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