Save a Lot of Money This Winter with This Simple Rule of Thumb

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 9:28 AM CET

Save a Lot of Money This Winter with This Simple Rule of Thumb.

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If you remember to turn these tasks into winter habits, you can avoid unexpected bills. A frequently overlooked household task, which can cost up to $780 to repair, is the maintenance of gutters. Rhoddy MacKinnon, Construction Director at Barratt Group, advises removing dirt, leaves, and moss from your gutters to ensure rainwater can flow through.

This can be done with a garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner. Watch out for unexpected drips or leaks that could indicate a leak.

Avoid Unexpected Bills

According to, Rhoddy explains that there are many other tasks that can help you avoid sudden bills or home disasters: "With changing seasons, it's good to make your home safe and energy-efficient by performing some essential tasks, such as inspecting insulation and boilers. This can help you avoid expensive, unexpected bills up to Christmas."

Essential Winter Tasks
  • Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Test your alarms once a month throughout the year.

  • Inspect Loft Insulation: Check for damage, tears, drafts, or musty smells.

  • Check Attic and Roof: Look for watermarks, dark spots, rot, or sinking parts.

  • Draft Proofing: Check windows and doors for drafts and use sealing strips, draft excluders, and heavy curtains.

  • Boiler Check: An average boiler repair costs about 2,250 kr. Check the pressure gauge and consider an upgrade through the government's boiler upgrade scheme.

  • Bleed Radiators: Perform this task at least once a year to prevent cold spots.

  • Review Home Insurance: Winter is a good time to review your policy, especially for leaks and storm damage.

  • Smart Meter Installation: Helps manage energy consumption, especially in the winter months.

By performing these tasks, you can not only save money, but you also ensure that your home remains warm and cozy throughout the winter. Remember, prevention is often cheaper than repair.

Additional Advice for Winter Preparation

To improve your home's energy efficiency, consider adding extra insulation to the attic. This reduces heat loss and can save significant amounts on your heating bill. The price for blanket insulation varies from about $140 to $450 kr., while blown fiber insulation can cost between $1.500 and $4.500.

Another important tip is to check your water pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting, which can lead to extensive water damage.

Last but not least: Make sure to check and clean your fireplaces or wood stoves, as this can reduce the risk of fire and ensure efficient heating. These precautions can help keep your home safe and comfortable, even in the coldest months.

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