These Shrubs and Trees You Should Prune in February

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.18 - 2024 10:09 PM CET

It may still be winter, but don't be mistaken about what you can already do in your garden in February. If you want to enjoy a beautiful and colorful garden in the summer, you should get to work now.

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In winter, a lot of pruning can already be done. So, go ahead: take the scissors out of the shed and start cutting!

Fruit Trees

In the second month of the year, among others, the apple and pear trees should be pruned. It's important that they are pruned now, because this way the heart of the crown gets enough light. This allows it to grow well in spring and summer. Otherwise, you might find yourself without any apples or pears to pick in the summer. Just make sure that it is not freezing at the time of pruning and that no frost is predicted for the next three days.


In February, you can also roll up your sleeves for the conifers. But be careful not to prune them too deeply, this should only be done with the Taxus. Other conifers are better not pruned down to bare wood.


The clematis can also be pruned in February. At least, only the summer-flowering clematis. When a clematis blooms in spring, the flower buds have already formed, and you would ruin the plant by pruning it again.


Pruning shrubs is also still possible. Don't wait too long, or they will not be in perfect condition next summer, which would be a shame. In winter, you can clearly see the structure of the branches. If it's getting an ugly shape, it's smart to prune the shrub back significantly. It can greatly benefit from this. It's important to prune shrubs in time so that more light and air can get into the center of the shrub. This promotes growth.

Tips Winter is the period when you can start pruning in the garden, so it looks great again in spring.