He chooses a difficult classic song in tribute to his mother - 10 seconds later, the audience goes crazy

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Aug.21 - 2023 10:19 AM CET

Brian Justin Crum impressed America's Got Talent judges when he went on stage and sang a classic from Queen.

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Brian  is very fond of his mother. So, of course, she was among the audience when he went on stage last year and sang for the four judges in the program America's Got Talent..

The 28-year-old man from San Diego had a clear goal in joining the popular competition:

- I want to be a singer, he answered immediately, when the judges asked why he was participating.

Brian Justin Crum impressively succeeded in convincing his audience that he was a talented young man when they heard him sing the Queens classic "Somebody to Love".

The audience acknowledged him with a standing ovation and eventually all the judges got up as well and applauded the young singing talent.

Since Brian's performance was shared on YouTube in June, it has been played more than 8,700,000 times and has received nearly 4,000 comments.

Listen to Brian Justin Crum sing "Somebody to Love" in the video just below. 

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