Rumer Willis with crazy reveal: Baby's name was inspired by a typo

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.23 - 2023 9:06 PM CET

Baby's name was inspired by a typo

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In a delightful twist of fate, Rumer Willis has shared that her newborn daughter's name was inspired by a typographical error.

During a text conversation with the baby's father, Derek Richard Thomas, the couple was considering the name "Loretta." However, a typo occurred, omitting the letter 'R,' resulting in "Louetta."

Speaking to People magazine, Willis expressed her immediate affection for the accidental name. "I was like, 'Oh, I love that!' I feel like it was one of those kind of divine intervention universe moments, and we figured it out actually quite early in my pregnancy," she said.

The baby girl, named Louetta Isely Thomas Willis, was born in April. Despite falling in love with the name early on, Willis confessed that she had concerns during her pregnancy that the name might not suit her child.

"I fell in love with the name so much, so early on, that I was then worried that it wouldn't work," she explained. However, once the baby was born, Willis knew that "Lou" was the perfect name, regardless of whether the child was a boy or a girl.

This joyful event marks the first grandchild for Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, adding a new chapter to the famous family's story.

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