He buries a banana peel in the soil: Here's Why

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.29 - 2023 1:30 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
He buries a banana peel in the soil: Here's Why

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The next time you eat a banana, think twice before tossing the peel away. A YouTube video by Smart Fox reveals a clever trick where you can use banana peels as fertilizer in your garden.

The video explains that banana peels are rich in nutrients beneficial for plants, particularly roses.

How to do It

According to the video, all you need to do is cut the banana peel into small pieces and scatter them around your roses or other plants.

Then add a bit of soil, and voilà!

The banana peel will gradually decompose and serve as an excellent fertilizer. This is a fantastic way to recycle your banana peels while providing your plants with the nutrients they need.

Why It works

Banana peels contain a variety of nutrients that are good for plants. Roses, in particular, seem to thrive with this type of fertilizer.

So the next time you eat a banana, consider not throwing the peel away. Instead, you can bury it in your garden and watch your plants flourish.