Breakthrough in Cancer Research: Blood Test Can Predict Cancer Years in Advance

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.27 - 2024 9:44 AM CET

Researchers at Oxford Population Health have developed a revolutionary method to detect cancer early.

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Scientists at Oxford Population Health have developed a method to detect cancer by analyzing the protein content in blood samples.

This simple blood test could become a standard procedure in health clinics within the next five to ten years, offering the potential to identify cancer long before any symptoms manifest.

Early Detection

The research, led by molecular epidemiologist Karl Smith-Byrne, involves comparing blood samples from over 44,000 individuals, including both healthy people and those who later developed cancer.

By examining the protein concentrations in these samples, researchers have identified notable differences that could indicate the presence of cancer up to seven to ten years before a traditional diagnosis.

"This method allows us to detect signs of cancer much earlier than current techniques," Smith-Byrne explains, as reported by TV4 Nyheterna.

"By identifying significant changes in protein levels, we can predict the risk of developing cancers such as breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer long before symptoms appear."

Early detection is key to successful cancer treatment, often leading to better outcomes and lower mortality rates.

This blood test could enable doctors to monitor at-risk patients more closely and initiate treatments at a much earlier stage, potentially saving countless lives.

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