Experts Express Serious Concerns Over New JN.1 COVID Variant

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.07 - 2024 7:30 AM CET

Experts Express Serious Concerns Over New JN.1 COVID Variant.

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The world is facing a new challenge in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the emergence of JN.1, a variant that has quickly garnered the attention of health experts globally.

This variant, arising from the Omicron lineage, marks a significant shift in the virus's behavior and spread.

Expressed serious concerns

Having spread to around 41 countries, JN.1 first came to light with its detection in Luxembourg and has been rapidly expanding its footprint since then. The World Health Organization has acknowledged the variant's swift proliferation by categorizing it as a variant of interest. Health authorities are now on high alert, as the WHO predicts a surge in respiratory illnesses attributed to JN.1's spread.

According to National Herald India, prominent voices in the medical community, including Dr. Eric Topol and Dr. Michael Osterholm, have expressed serious concerns about JN.1.

They emphasize that this variant represents a significant development in the virus's evolution and warn that the pandemic's trajectory is far from over.

Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan and Ryan Gregory further stress JN.1's unique characteristics, underscoring its unprecedented genetic changes and potential to dominate future virus lineages.

Maria Van Kerkhove of the WHO also cautions that while JN.1 could lead to new sub-lineages, the future could hold variants as divergent as Omicron.