Former doctor accused of fatally poisoning wife

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.24 - 2023 9:23 AM CET

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An english community has been left in disbelief, since it ermaged that a former doctor at the renowned Mayo Clinic is now facing second-degree murder charges following the alleged poisoning of his wife, Betty Bowman, who also worked at the clinic as a pharmacist.

The incident has raised numerous questions about the circumstances leading up to her untimely death and the subsequent investigation. 

The Incident and Investigation:

On August 16, Betty Bowman was admitted to Mayo Clinic, presenting with severe gastrointestinal distress and dehydration. Despite immediate medical attention, her condition quickly worsened, and she tragically passed away on August 20 at the age of 32.

An autopsy later revealed that her death was caused by the toxic effects of colchicine, a medication not prescribed to her, as she was not being treated for gout, the condition it is commonly used to address.

Connor Bowman, a 30-year-old former resident doctor at Mayo Clinic and Betty’s husband, was subsequently charged with her murder.

Investigations uncovered that the couple were in the midst of discussing divorce, and Connor stood to receive a substantial $500,000 from a life insurance policy following Betty's death.

Law enforcement officials also discovered forensic evidence on Connor’s devices, indicating he had been researching colchicine and other potentially lethal substances.

Intriguingly, his search history also included queries about whether internet browsing history could be used in court.

The Legal Proceedings:

Connor Bowman made his initial appearance in court on the morning of October 23.

The judge set bail at $2 million with conditions, or $5 million without. Bowman is due back in court on November 1, with the legal community and public alike keenly awaiting the next developments in this harrowing case.

Reaction from Mayo Clinic and Colleagues:

Mayo Clinic officials confirmed awareness of Connor Bowman’s arrest and noted that he is no longer affiliated with the clinic, as his residency concluded earlier in October.

Betty's colleagues remember her fondly, with Jason Herold, a co-worker and trainer, describing her as a "smart, experienced, hard-working" professional and a "really nice" person.

Her untimely death has left a void in the Mayo Clinic community, as friends and colleagues struggle to make sense of the tragedy.

The alleged poisoning of Betty Bowman is a case that has shaken the community to its core, raising serious questions about trust, safety, and the personal lives of those involved.

As the legal proceedings continue, many are hoping for justice for Betty and answers to the many questions surrounding her untimely and tragic death.

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