Health Alert: Experts Warn Against Popular Avocado Storage Hack on TikTok

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.09 - 2024 10:05 AM CET

A viral TikTok trick for extending avocados' shelf life has health experts raising concerns.

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On the social media platform TikTok, numerous tips, tricks, and hacks for simplifying everyday tasks spread like wildfire, covering everything from cooking to food storage - including methods to prolong the shelf life of some of our favorite items.

However, a popular avocado storage technique is now drawing warnings from experts at Pink Storage Cardiff, as it can lead to muscle cramps and diarrhea.

The method involves submerging avocados in water to extend their freshness from days to weeks, gaining popularity due to the short shelf life of ripe avocados and their relatively high cost.

Health Warning

"Once we became aware of the trick, we quickly saw that many people were delighted to use it. Putting an avocado in water slows down the oxidation process, which causes the avocado to overripe," one expert explained.

Despite the trick's apparent effectiveness, the potential health risks it poses make it advisable to avoid. Storing avocados in water creates a conducive environment for harmful bacteria like listeria and salmonella to thrive.

"These bacteria can be found on the surface of an avocado, and in water, their numbers can double," the expert added.

Nutritionist Toby King further emphasized the dangers of listeria, a bacterium that poses a significant health threat as it can penetrate the avocado's skin, contaminating the fruit itself.

"Some users believe that you can disinfect the bacteria on the skin, but listeria can easily penetrate the skin and thus into the avocado itself. Therefore, disinfection will not help," King warned, according to The Imperial Reporter.

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