Revolutionary Vaccine for Cancer Treatment to Be Tested in England and Australia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.29 - 2024 2:18 PM CET

Revolutionary Vaccine for Cancer Treatment to Be Tested in England and Australia.

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A vaccine, potentially revolutionary in treating early-stage bowel cancer, is set to be tested in England and Australia.

Doctors plan to administer the vaccine to patients before surgery, hoping it will stimulate the body to attack the cancer. Some experts are even considering replacing surgical therapy with this vaccine.

Bogdan Tănase, a thoracic surgery specialist and manager of the Bucharest Oncology Institute, explained on Romanian TVR INFO the significance of this discovery and its potential application.

The idea of using the immune system in cancer treatment isn't new and has evolved through various stages. To stimulate the immune system's response, either microorganisms, specific organisms targeted at certain receptors on cancer cells, or vaccines in various tumors are used, stated Tănase.

The novelty lies in using this vaccine for colorectal cancer, where currently immunotherapy is utilized for patients with certain cancer cell mutations, according to

The doctor explained that the vaccine is intended for post-operative treatment and does not replace surgery or chemotherapy or radiotherapy but complements them. It doesn't prevent cancer but helps the diagnosed patient develop an immune system that fights the cancer, the doctor further elaborated.

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