The Only Alcoholic Drink That Pleases the Brain: 'Can Prevent Stroke'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.31 - 2023 12:00 PM CET

For New Year's Eve, Maybe This Should Be Your Preferred Beverage?

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In a period where people all over the world indulge in abundant food and alcohol, a renowned doctor has made an important clarification.

Esteemed neurosurgeon Vlad Ciurea from Romania asserts that red wine is the beverage we can enjoy in moderate doses for potential health benefits.

According to the expert, this drink may even offer benefits to our brain.

Professor Doctor Vlad Ciurea emphasized the importance of choosing a dark red wine.

"Here's something very interesting: to drink or not to drink... Yes, the brain likes a little red wine, it opens up cerebral vessels, increases the zest for life, and prevents strokes and heart attacks. This is red wine," said the neurosurgeon, as reported by

"Red wine also contains a substance called Resveratrol, which improves the quality of life and the function of nerve cells. Resveratrol is found in the grape we had in childhood called Hamburg. This dark-colored grape is renowned for this."

"I even had information from professors of ophthalmology that it improves retinal activity. Retinal vessels based on Resveratrol help you see much better. It's a very interesting phenomenon," added the neurosurgeon.

His Words Are Backed Up

While it may sound almost too good to be true, the words of the Romanian neurosurgeon are supported by numerous studies.

This includes insights from MD Nicholas R. Metrus of the renowned Very Well Health.

"Resveratrol lowers inflammation. This is important because inflammation contributes to the brain injury that is caused by a stroke."

However, it's worth noting that the mentioned effect is only present when consuming low to moderate amounts of red wine. Therefore, it's not particularly healthy to consume several bottles of dark red wine in an attempt to prevent a stroke.

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