Why You Should Drink a Glass of Water When You Wake Up

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.09 - 2024 5:15 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
A Belgian dietitian explains why it's a really good idea to start your morning by drinking a glass of water as one of the first things you do.

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Drinking a glass of water upon waking could work wonders for your body. But is this true? What are the benefits? And should coffee be avoided? Dietitian Pieter Brughmans lays out the facts to Belgium HLN. "The benefits of drinking water in the morning last throughout the day."

  • Necessity for Digestion: "Primarily, you need water for smooth digestion," says Pieter Brughmans. Without water, the fibers you consume could lead to constipation. Starting your day with a glass of water first and foremost supports your digestion and gets it moving faster.

  • Satiety and Hunger Control: Drinking water can also quickly make you feel full, thus curbing your hunger, even in the morning. "Drinking a glass of water right before or with a meal can help you feel satisfied sooner. This is definitely beneficial for portion control, making you more conscious of what and how much you eat." Improved digestion and quicker satiety from that glass of water could potentially lead to weight loss.

Dehydration: Brain and Mouth

  • Suffer from morning headaches? "You can remedy this by starting your day with a glass of water," advises Brughmans. "This headache is because you lose a lot of fluid overnight. The air you exhale contains water. If you breathe in and out thousands of times at night, it lowers your body's moisture level. And your brain is extra sensitive to that dehydration. Additionally, that glass will also remove some fatigue and improve your concentration."

  • Thirst Signal: "A feeling of thirst is the signal that your body needs hydration," says Dietitian Pieter Brughmans. Your mouth can also dry out, especially if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep. This leads to bacteria producing more foul-smelling gases, causing typical morning breath. "Drinking a glass of water in the morning washes away those gases and morning breath and replenishes your fluid balance," adds the dietitian. Two birds with one stone.

Less Reflux

  • Drinking water on an empty stomach is also recommended for those who frequently suffer from acid reflux. "Gravity makes it easier for stomach acid to get into the esophagus if you lie flat for eight hours," confirms the dietitian. "To reduce or avoid acid reflux symptoms, drinking water in the morning is a good idea. Coffee or other energy-boosting drinks are not, as they can actually cause more reflux."

Water Works All Day

  • Hydrating sufficiently in the morning is thus beneficial for the body. "Many benefits of water continue throughout the day. For example, water aids in your body's temperature regulation, skin elasticity, and can alleviate menstrual discomfort. Water is also needed for the many processes in your organs."

  • "It's especially important to drink when you're thirsty," Brughmans adds. "A feeling of thirst is the signal that your body needs hydration. Often, this feeling of thirst is greater in the morning than at other times of the day. In that case, drink some water immediately upon waking."

Signs of Insufficient Water Intake: According to Dietitian Brughmans, the following symptoms are good indicators of mild or severe dehydration:

  • Thirst

  • Little to no urination

  • Dark yellow urine

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Decreased skin elasticity

  • Muscle cramps