Man ignores warning and swims with an only five-days-old tattoo - now he is dead

If you have just had ink in your skin, stay away from the water for at least two weeks. A 32-year-old man died after swimming in the ocean with his five-days-old tattoo, where he got bitten by a carnivorous insect.

Fresh tattoos are very susceptible to infections and bacteria. As long as the wounds from the tattoo are not healed yet, it's about keeping it away from water, like in the ocean or in a swimming pool, for a minimum of two weeks. This advice was ignored by the unidentified 31-year-old Hispanic man, who died of blood poisoning in his newly created Christian cross on his one leg, after a dip in the Mexican Gulf, Dailymail reports.

A flesh-eating bacteria got stuck in the fresh wound and then tore pieces of the man's skin. The waterbacteria eventually became his death.

According to the BMJ Case Report, the man got fever, frostbite and developed a rash, in the area around the tattoo in the following days, until he had to go to hospital. The 31-year-old man already had a liver disease due to a heavy daily alcohol intake.

Photo: BMJ

Due to his illness, he was at higher risk of being infected with the toxic water bacteria. Patients with chronic liver diseases are more sensitive to certain bacteria due to fewer white blood cells, according to experts in the report.

Antibiotics were not sufficient and the man went into intensive care after a day, when his organs began to shut down. After having fought at the hospital against blood poisoning and the devilish bacteria, it seemed like things were on track and the doctors had hoped to send the man home - safe and sound.

The 31-year-old man died two months after being hospitalized. The severe blood poisoning came back, and at the end there was no longer life in his kidneys.

Photo: BMJ

According to Dailymail, the authors of the report wrote that people with chronic liver disease should avoid risking contact with the particular water bacteria. Likewise, it is important that tattooists are ready to speak up and warn people against jumping into the water for at least two weeks after they have made a tattoo on the body.

Or at least until the wound is healed.