New research: Tequila makes you lose weight

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New research shows that tequila is good for the body, if you plan to loose a few pounds.

It's never fun to be on a diet.

First of all, you are not allowed to eat what you want, and second, you should not get drunk, as alcohol usually contains many calories which makes you fat.

Now, however, there is good news for those who are in the midst of a diet but still like to get plastered.

A study has actually found a connection between tequila and weight loss, according to

Yes, that's right!

The Mexican specialty, which most people prefer to consume with salt and lime, is far from just as great a sinner as other types of alcohol. On the contrary.

Scientists have explained, at a conference for the American Chemical Society, how the surprising disclosure has to do with the agave plant, which tequila traditionally is made from.

Many people already use agave syrup in cooking, as this is a natural sweetener that does not affect our blood sugar half as much as artificial sweeteners.

In the agave plant, however, there is also a natural sugar - which is not the same as agave syrup - and which in fact, is even healthier.

This sugar occurs in tequila and works like dietary fibers. Consequently, contrary to artificial sweeteners, it does not increase our blood sugar.

- Agave sugar is not expensive and there are no known side effects, except for those who have proven to be unable to tolerate it, says Mercedes G. López, one of the researchers behind the study.

She explains that agave and thereby also tequila not only protects your blood sugar, in fact it can help you to loose weight too.

The reason is that agave sugar - like other fructans - are the best sugars as they help to create healthy microbes (a microorganism, ed.) in our mouth and intestinal system.

At the same time, agave sugar is said to make you feel more full - and therefore you do not eat so much.

The only downside is that agave sugar, as you know, does not taste half as sweet and delicious as other natural sweeteners.

Therefore you will have to put up with wrinkling your nose and gasping for air in a sort of crumbled grimace, if you intend to get drunk (and slim) on Tequila in the future.