Avoid These Mistakes When Doing Laundry: 7 Tips for Your Washing Machine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 10:44 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Avoid These Mistakes When Doing Laundry.

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With the onset of cold, snow, and rain, our washing machines are put to the test in cleaning and softening our clothes. Despite frequent use, we often make small mistakes when loading the drum.

Here are seven common errors identified by Nyheder24.dk that you might recognize:

Temperature Considerations: Always wash according to the garment's instructions, but if the clothes aren't very dirty, consider using a lower temperature. A colored wash normally set to 30-40 degrees can be done at 20 degrees with the right detergent. However, items like underwear and towels require a minimum of 60 degrees to be properly cleaned due to bacteria.

Liquid vs. Powder Detergent: Both liquid and powder detergents have their advantages. Powder often contains bleach, making it ideal for white clothes, while liquid detergent is better for colored garments. Remember to use special detergents for wool and silk to prevent damage.

Be Careful with Zippers and Buttons: Check for zippers and buttons before washing. Zip up jeans and bedding to avoid damaging other clothes. Delicate items should be washed separately or in a laundry bag.

Pre-treat Stains: Treat stubborn stains before washing. This improves the effectiveness of the wash and ensures that stains don't become permanent.

Maintain Your Washing Machine: Descale and clean your washing machine regularly (a couple of times a year) to extend its lifespan and reduce electricity consumption. Leave the door open after each wash to let moisture evaporate. Clean your machine by placing three to four dishwasher tablets in the drum and running a 90-95 degree program.

Don't Forget Bedding and Duvets: Change bed linen every fortnight and wash pillows and duvets at least four times a year at 60 degrees. The mattress protector should also be washed at least four times a year. If using a dryer for your duvet, consider using felt or tennis balls to help distribute the filling evenly.

Use the Dryer Wisely: Use the dryer thoughtfully. Take advantage of residual heat by starting a new drying cycle quickly. Clean the filter after each use for optimal efficiency and avoid drying textiles with different drying times together.

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