Brilliant Trick: How to Dry Your Clothes Even When It's Raining Outside

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.11 - 2023 12:24 PM CET

How to Dry Your Clothes Even When It's Raining Outside.

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A woman has claimed to have discovered the 'best trick ever' for drying clothes when it's raining outside, without encouraging mold to grow inside your home at the same time.

Drying your clothes when the weather outside is damp can be a pain, but a woman claims to have found the 'best hack ever' to ensure that your laundry dries faster.

We would all love to be able to hang our laundry outside - but when it's raining, that's not possible. However, drying your clothes indoors is not always easy, as it often takes longer to dry without the help of wind and sun.

This means that it remains damp for longer - which can make the clothes smell and can promote mold growth. But you don't have to suffer from musty clothes, as according to a woman on TikTok, there is something you can do to get your clothes to dry faster – using a dehumidifier.

How she does it: The woman, named Amelia, has posted a video on her TikTok account @ameliagartner - where she encourages people to invest in a dehumidifier to pull the moisture out of the air and your clothes, so they dry in no time.

She said: "This is the best clothes drying hack for when it's damp outside, and you need to dry your clothes indoors without affecting the indoor climate and causing mold. But you just do the following - Lay your clothes on a small drying rack and get yourself a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will pull all the moisture out of the clothes in a few hours and you avoid increasing the humidity level in your home.

Dehumidifiers can be purchased at most hardware stores and online. A dehumidifier is available from about $100. and up – depending on capacity and efficiency. Energy costs depend on the power. But a good rule of thumb is that it costs $0.25c - $0.50c. per hour to use the dehumidifier.

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