Cleaning Expert's Advice: 9 Items You Should Never Clean with All-Purpose Cleaner

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.19 - 2024 12:02 PM CET

9 Items You Should Never Clean with All-Purpose Cleaner.

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A cleaning expert has issued a warning about the use of all-purpose cleaners, highlighting nine specific items that should never be cleaned with these solutions.

According to, this advice aims to prevent damage and ensure proper maintenance of various household items.

The No-go List for All-Purpose Cleaners

  1. Specialized Surfaces: Certain surfaces like marble, granite, or quartz can be damaged by the harsh chemicals in universal cleaners. It's advised to use specific cleaners designed for these materials.

  2. Electronic Screens: Televisions, computer monitors, and smartphone screens require special care. All-purpose cleaners can strip away protective coatings and lead to scratches.

  3. Wooden Furniture and Floors: Wood can be sensitive to the chemicals in universal cleaners. Instead, use products formulated for wood care to avoid damaging its finish.

  4. Stainless Steel Appliances: All-purpose cleaners can leave streaks and residue on stainless steel. Special stainless steel cleaners are recommended for a streak-free shine.

  5. Painted Walls: Painted surfaces can be dulled or discolored by harsh cleaning agents. Gentle, water-based cleaners are preferable.

  6. Leather: Leather goods like sofas or jackets need specific leather cleaners to prevent cracking and drying out.

  7. Cast Iron Cookware: The seasoning on cast iron skillets can be stripped by all-purpose cleaners. It's best to clean them with hot water and a stiff brush.

  8. Delicate Fabrics: Materials like silk or wool can be damaged by the chemicals in these cleaners. Always check labels for proper care instructions.

  9. Pet Areas: Pets can be sensitive to the chemicals in all-purpose cleaners. Pet-safe products should be used to clean their areas.

Expert Recommendations for Safe Cleaning

The expert emphasizes the importance of reading labels and understanding the composition of cleaning products.

For every household item, there's an appropriate cleaner that ensures both effectiveness and safety. The key is to match the cleaner with the material being cleaned, thus preserving the life and appearance of your household items.

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