Does Your Microwave Need Cleaning? A Brilliant Trick Shows How to Do It Easily

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.25 - 2023 8:24 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
A Brilliant Trick Shows How to Do It Easily.

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Microwaves are one of the kitchen appliances we often forget to clean. For those who use their microwaves daily, they know how quickly grease and dirt can build up on the appliance - and how annoying it can be to clean.

As reported by Den Offentlige, no one wants to spend a fortune on cleaning products, especially when you can make a simple solution at home that will be much cheaper.

Dirt Accumulation

The microwave is one of the appliances that many people tend to leave for a while before cleaning. This can result in a rather grim buildup of dirt.

Fortunately, a savvy cleaning assistant has shared the hack she uses that leaves her appliance sparkling clean every time.

Monique Pena, a mother, shared her cleaning tip on TikTok.

Three Simple Steps

First, Monique takes a glass bowl and fills it with white vinegar, followed by a few pumps of dish soap.

She then places it in the microwave and turns it on for three minutes.

Monique then carefully removes the bowl, as it is filled with hot water, which has now made the grease "soft" enough to be wiped away with a stroke of a microfiber cloth.

Try Cinnamon Sticks for Christmas

Monique showed how the grease simply melted off easily, leaving a shiny microwave.

This is much cheaper than other professional cleaning products you can buy in supermarkets.

Monique also shared another hack, which involved using water and cinnamon sticks, leaving her kitchen with a fantastic scent of cinnamon, instead of a vinegar smell.

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