Expert Warns: These Dangerous TikTok Cleaning Hacks Should Be Avoided

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.27 - 2024 7:09 PM CET

Cleaning expert Joyce French from HomeHow advises against certain popular cleaning hacks found on social media, which can be dangerous and damaging to your home and health.

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Social media platforms like TikTok are brimming with cleaning tips and tricks that promise quick and easy ways to keep your home sparkling.

However, not all these methods are safe or effective. Cleaning expert Joyce French of HomeHow has debunked some of the most popular TikTok cleaning tips.

Dangerous Drain Cleaning Methods

One of the most alarming tips involves using bleach and dish soap to clean drains.

This method should be strictly avoided. Pouring bleach down the drain can weaken your plumbing and, when mixed with chemicals already present in the drain, can release toxic fumes. Dish soap often contains ammonia, which, when combined with bleach, can cause dangerous reactions leading to respiratory issues or burns.

“Never mix bleach with dish soap or any other cleaning agents,” warns French. “The gases released can cause serious health problems.”

Carpet Cleaning Tricks

Another risky method circulating online involves using household products not suited for carpet cleaning. This includes sprinkling detergent, mixing vinegar with dish soap, or using shaving foam to remove stains.

These mixtures can leave sticky residues that attract more dirt, damage carpet fibers, or cause discoloration.

“These DIY carpet cleaning solutions might seem harmless but can end up causing more harm than good,” French explains. “You could end up needing expensive professional cleaning or even replacing your carpet.”

Misuse of Bleach on Joints

A popular TikTok trend recommends using bleach to keep grout shiny and white. But bleach is a very strong chemical that can weaken and crack grout over time. It can also discolor the grout, defeating the purpose of cleaning it.

“Using bleach on grout can lead to significant damage, requiring costly repairs,” says French. “It’s best to use milder, grout-safe cleaning agents.”

Improper Storage of Detergents

Many people have adopted the habit of transferring detergents into jars, glass containers, or plastic boxes for aesthetic reasons.

This practice can be hazardous, especially with laundry pods, which have seen a significant increase in poisoning incidents among children due to their colorful appearance. Keeping detergents in their original packaging is safer and prevents accidental ingestion.

“Transferring detergents to different containers might look neat, but it compromises safety,” French cautions. “Original packaging is designed to be child-resistant.”

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