How the 6/10 List Can Minimize Household Stress

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.15 - 2024 8:46 PM CET

A simple plan for everyday life.

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining order and cleanliness in the household can be a real challenge.

To combat this, American influencer Audrey Barton developed a method known as the "6/10 list."

This list, presented on myhomebook, is used to organize household tasks efficiently and thereby keep the living space well-maintained.

The "6/10 list" divides household chores into two categories: six tasks to be completed daily and ten tasks to be completed weekly.

Daily duties include basic activities such as making beds, washing dishes, and wiping down countertops, which help maintain basic order daily.

The ten weekly tasks are more extensive and include activities such as cleaning the refrigerator, wiping out the microwave, and cleaning the bathroom.

These thorough cleanings ensure that the home stays clean not only on the surface but also at deeper levels.

In addition to daily and weekly tasks, Barton mentions that there are also monthly and quarterly chores that help keep the home in even better condition.

This includes cleaning household appliances, clearing out the garage, and washing windows.

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