How to Achieve Hotel-Level Soft and Fluffy Towels at Home

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.06 - 2024 12:57 PM CET

How to Achieve Hotel-Level Soft and Fluffy Towels at Home.

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Experience the luxury of hotel-soft towels in the comfort of your home with this well-known laundry secret. Hotels and professional laundries have long mastered the art of keeping towels soft and fluffy, a method that extends their lifespan and enhances their feel.

The Secret Ingredient: White Vinegar

The key to that incredibly soft and plush sensation we love in hotel towels isn't the material or brand but a simple washing trick often employed in the hospitality industry. The secret? White vinegar. This pantry staple is the magic behind the luxurious feel of hotel towels, despite their frequent laundering.

Step-by-Step Guide to Soft, Fluffy Towels:

  1. Wash Towels Separately: Ensure towels have enough room to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed by washing them apart from other garments.

  2. Reduce Detergent: Use a smaller amount of detergent, approximately 50 ml, to prevent soap buildup which can stiffen fibers.

  3. Add White Vinegar: Replace your regular fabric softener with 20 ml of white vinegar to keep fibers soft and eliminate detergent residue.

  4. Increase Washing Temperature: Washing at a higher temperature, such as 60°C, not only kills germs and bacteria but also helps to remove soap residue.

Fear not the vinegar's strong scent; it vanishes during the wash, leaving no trace behind.

The Benefits of White Vinegar in Laundry:

  • Softens Fibers: Vinegar maintains the softness of towel fibers, making them feel luxurious.

  • Removes Detergent Buildup: It eliminates lingering detergent, refreshing towels to a nearly new condition.

  • Neutralizes Odors: White vinegar is effective in eliminating unpleasant smells, particularly in towels that haven't dried completely.

Drying for Optimal Softness:

After washing, an extra spin cycle can help remove excess water. For the ultimate softness and fluffiness, machine dry your towels.

The tumble dryer plays a crucial role in achieving the desired softness that is often unattainable with line drying.

Beyond Towels:

This laundry tip extends beyond towels. White vinegar can rejuvenate a variety of fabrics, removing accumulated soaps and chemicals. It preserves colors, reduces static cling, and even tackles stubborn stains like wine, tomato sauce, coffee, tea, and deodorant marks.

By incorporating white vinegar into your laundry routine, you can enjoy the plush comfort of hotel-quality towels and a wide range of textile care benefits, enhancing your home's luxury and comfort.