How to Create an Effective Moisture Collector for Just $0.50

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.08 - 2024 12:10 PM CET

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Photo: Private
Do you have humidity, mold, and a musty smell in your house? Find out how to make a very effective moisture collector for just $0.50.

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Humidity and mold are the nightmare of every home. Ignoring it means the problem will only grow. To avoid discomfort and expenses, you must act immediately.

Here's how you can create a moisture collector that will protect your home and health at minimal cost.

Humidity is one of the most common problems that undoubtedly affects the interior and exterior walls of a house. This can be harmful not only to the house but also to health, especially for the elderly and children. To get rid of humidity, you can make a moisture collector that will protect your home and health for only $0.50.

Most experts in the field will have given you many tips. For example, they may have told you that avoiding moisture, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring ventilation are the only solutions to this problem.

Did you know that you can eliminate moisture from your home in just a few minutes?

Just make a DIY moisture collector that, due to the materials used, will cost you only $0.50.

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How to create your own moisture collector at minimal cost

The first thing you need to do is get an empty plastic bottle, 100 grams of coarse salt, 10 drops of essential oil in your favorite scent (e.g., lavender is lovely), a piece of cotton fabric, some cotton, two rubber bands, a cutter, and scissors.

Cut the top of the bottle to three-quarters, wrap the neck with the fabric, and secure it with two rubber bands.

Place some cotton in the bottle and pour in the essential oil of the scent you prefer. Invert the top part of the plastic bottle so that it touches the bottom part, forming a funnel.

Pour the salt into the neck of the bottle, and your collector is ready. All you have to do, according to, is place it in a room, the most humid one, to start absorbing the moisture.

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