How to Easily Clean Your Oven and Baking Sheets by Freezing Dish Soap

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.17 - 2023 10:42 AM CET

How to Easily Clean Your Oven and Baking Sheets by Freezing Dish Soap.

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Cleaning enthusiasts have discovered a simple way to turn one of the most neglected household chores into child's play. Social media platforms are flooded with useful cleaning tips aimed at tackling oven grime, as it is presumably a task many households struggle with.

Fortunately, according to Pensionist, a cleaning expert has always been satisfied with one method to tackle stubborn grease – and it only requires a bit of dish soap.

The tip comes from NHS worker Tanya, who goes by the name @tanyahomeinspo on TikTok, where she creates content about interior inspiration and cleaning tips.

In one of her videos, Tanya explained that she relies on a trusted "frozen dish soap hack" to remove unwanted dirt from her oven tray. Instead of using the detergent at room temperature, she fills an ice cube tray with dish soap and places it in the freezer until the cubes become solid. She then uses one of the frozen cubes to scrub the dirt off her rack and demonstrates how easily the dirt "just slides off."

As the video on the page shows, the trick makes removing dried dirt a breeze. The video received more than 8,000 views, 400 likes, and countless comments from impressed viewers. One commented, "Oh God, this is brilliant." Another added, "I'm going to do it right now." "This really makes a lot of sense," noted a third of Tanya's followers, while another commentator added, "What a fantastic idea!"

The trick is one of many that claim to tackle oven grime in seconds and comes shortly after the method of using crumpled aluminum foil was shared on social media platforms. Many cleaning fans have shown that you can make oven doors and racks shine with dish soap and aluminum foil thanks to its rough texture.

TikToker Thomas Lorimer tested the method with Cif. He poured the product on his oven door along with a little elbow grease and scrubbed off the remaining dirt with aluminum foil. "Some of it required a bit of extra elbow grease, but nothing significant," he said. "Then I wiped it off, and it was literally like the oven door was back to shining like in a showroom."