Important After Christmas Dinner: How to Clean Your Range Hood in No Time

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 6:59 PM CET

How to Clean Your Range Hood in No Time.

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The range hood filters, those fine mesh grates under the hood, can be one of the greasiest places in the kitchen and challenging to clean, as reported by Express.

These filters are designed to capture the grease sucked out with the steam from cooking, but this also means they can be quite a cleaning task to get them clean again.

Catching Layers of Grease

Since your range hood is located right above your stove, and its primary purpose is to suck up the smoke or steam your cooking emits, it's inevitable that it gets a bit greasy over time.

However, what can be avoided is the buildup of a thick layer of grease, making the hood both dirty and less effective.

According to DenOffentlige, the longer you delay cleaning your range hood and filter, the less effective it will be, and the harder you will have to work to get it clean.

Restoring Filters to Their Original State

To restore the filters back to their original state, Amy James used the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, where she shared her best tip.

It only took a few seconds. In a post on the Facebook page, she wrote:

"So I have used absolutely all types of cleaning products on these for my range hood. Elbow Grease did it in seconds and made it look brand new."

Alongside the post, Amy shared a picture of one of the filters, half covered in grease, and the other side appeared to be sparkling clean.

On being asked about the cleaning process by other group members, Amy later wrote in the comment section:

"The range hood was in when we moved here, and the last owner was not a Hincher, you could say. I tried putting them in the dishwasher, and they still felt covered in grease. I let them soak, I scrubbed with Cilit Bang, but still no luck. When we turned on the fan, it smelled, and I was adamant that we should buy a whole new extraction system. So I just sprayed Elbow Grease on, used a toothbrush (I only use for cleaning) to go over it, and it came off immediately."