Important in Winter: 3 Tips for Effective and Healthy Ventilation

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.28 - 2023 12:24 PM CET

3 Tips for Effective and Healthy Ventilation.

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In winter, many families opt to turn down the heating to avoid high heating bills brought on by the crisis.

This leads to colder living spaces and the challenge of mustering the will to open windows and let in more cold air. However, it's crucial to remember to ventilate regularly to prevent an unhealthy indoor climate and the risk of mold, as reported by Pensionist.

Ventilate at the Right Times

We produce moisture in our living spaces from activities like showering, cooking, or simply breathing and sweating. This moisture condenses on windows, especially while we sleep, as the cold of the panes meets the room's humidity.

Therefore, it's advisable to ventilate in the morning. Thor Hansen, head of Indoor Climate and Building Inspections at the Technological Institute, recommends: "Especially in the morning when you get up, it's important to air out to get rid of the moisture produced by the body overnight."

Don't Ventilate for Too Long

However, Hansen advises against leaving the window open for too long. Keeping it ajar for an extended period cools down the surfaces around the window.

"And this causes the moisture in the air to settle and concentrate around the cold surface," he explains.

Ventilating for too long can have the same effect as condensation on the window and can spread throughout the dwelling. Additionally, it takes longer to reheat the cooled surfaces.

Ventilate Often Enough

If you don't ventilate for too long at a time, it makes sense to do it more frequently:

"It's a good idea to air out two to three times a day to remove moisture from the indoor climate, even if it's cold and damp outside," says Thor Hansen.

He suggests ventilating when you wake up, when you return from work, and before going to bed. This way, the indoor climate remains healthy and free of moisture.

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