Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.14 - 2024 2:49 PM CET

Extend the life of your beautiful blooms with these tips.

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Cut flowers brighten up our homes, but unfortunately, they don't last forever. But a few clever tricks can keep your bouquet looking fresh for longer.

Trim for Longer Life

Firstly, give your flowers a trim before they hit the vase. Snip about two cm off the stems at an angle to increase the area for water absorption.

Remember, use sharp scissors to avoid damaging the stems, as a crushed stem won't absorb water effectively.

Fresh Water Matters

It's crucial to change the vase water daily to prevent fungi that can harm your flowers.

Morning is the best time for fresh water, allowing the flowers to hydrate throughout the day.

Feed Your Flowers

Like all plants, cut flowers need nutrients. Adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water provides energy, while a bit of lemon juice or citric acid can soften hard water, making it more flower-friendly.

For a quick nutrient boost, drop a copper coin or a few match heads into the water.

Keep Fragrant Flowers Fresh

To maintain the scent and health of fragrant flowers, occasionally pierce the stems with a needle or toothpick.

This helps release any air blocks in the stem, ensuring the flowers can absorb water efficiently.