No More Cloudy Glasses: Try These Dishwasher Fixes

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.09 - 2024 8:11 PM CET

Here’s how you can avoid cloudy glasses from the dishwasher.

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Ever wonder why your glasses come out of the dishwasher looking cloudy?

Common Causes of Cloudiness

Well, the usual suspects include limescale deposits, overdoing it with the cleaning agent, or using a rinse aid that just doesn’t do the trick.

An article from myHOMEBOOK points out that another common culprit is an improperly sealed container for regenerating salt or setting the water hardness in the dishwasher incorrectly.

Yep, these little mishaps can invite limescale to party on your glasses, leaving that frustrating foggy finish.

Tips for Clear Glasses

To avoid the limescale cloudiness, try using something acidic—like a simple citric acid solution. It works wonders!

Also, getting the amount of detergent just right is key. Too much can leave a residue that dulls your glasses, making them look tired and washed out.

And watch out for those heavy-duty rinse aids; they might promise sparkle but leave a milky film instead. It’s a good idea to keep tweaking those dishwasher settings to find what works best.

Don’t forget, the age of your dishwasher can play a part too. Older machines might not clean as effectively as they used to, leading to those cloudy glasses.

If you’re still seeing spots, it might be time to give them another go with adjusted settings or even wash them by hand.

A little extra effort can bring back the sparkle!

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