Preserve Your Onions and Garlic for Up to 6 Months: Here's How

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.14 - 2024 9:27 AM CET

Preserve Your Onions and Garlic for Up to 6 Months.

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Monica Matheny, a renowned cooking expert and the founder of The Yummy Life, faced a common yet frustrating problem in her culinary journey – keeping her onions and garlic fresh. Despite storing them in a kitchen drawer, they often turned rotten, moldy, or sprouted prematurely. This issue plagued many kitchens, including Monica's, until an old family secret came to light.

A Mother's Wisdom

According to Denoffentlige, the turning point came when Monica's mother, affectionately known as Grammy, shared a traditional family tip.

On a visit to her mother's house, Monica discovered an unusual but effective method of storing onions and garlic. Grammy demonstrated how a simple brown paper bag, perforated with holes, could remarkably extend the shelf life of these kitchen essentials.

Initially skeptical, Monica decided to give her mother's method a try, remembering Grammy's track record of rarely being wrong.

The Paper Bag Technique 

The technique was straightforward yet ingenious. Monica used a brown paper bag, a hole puncher, a marker, and paper clips.

She carefully folded the bag and punched holes along its edges, allowing enough air circulation. By filling the bag halfway with onions and garlic and securing it with paper clips, Monica found a new way to preserve these ingredients for months.

The Importance of Storage Location

Monica emphasized the importance of storing these bags in a cool, dark place with ample air circulation.

She also warned against storing onions and garlic near potatoes, as potatoes emit ethylene, a ripening agent, which could hasten spoilage.

The Surprising Result

After adopting her mother's method, Monica was amazed at the extended freshness of her onions and garlic.

This simple, eco-friendly solution not only saved her ingredients from premature spoilage but also reinforced a valuable lesson: sometimes, the best culinary secrets are hidden in plain sight, passed down through generations.

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