Say Goodbye to Pesky Black Flies in Your Home

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.05 - 2024 9:30 PM CET

7 simple and effective methods to eliminate pesky black flies from your home

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Having trouble with tiny black flies multiplying in your home?

Whether they've taken over your kitchen or just started showing up, here’s how to eliminate them for good with some straightforward strategies.

Understanding the Problem

These annoying invaders are often fruit flies, targeting ripe fruits, vegetables, trash cans, and any damp area. One female fruit fly can lay over a hundred eggs a day, leading to rapid population growth. Besides being a nuisance, they pose a hygiene risk.

So, if you spot them, it’s time to act fast.

Here's a list of simple, natural methods to rid your kitchen of fruit flies:

1. Prevent Entry

First things first, keep those flies out. They often sneak in through open doors and windows or hitch a ride on produce from the store. Ensure your home is sealed off from these uninvited guests.

2. Store Fruit Wisely

To avoid attracting flies, don’t leave fruit out in the open. A straightforward solution is to drape a towel over your fruit bowl. For better protection, store your fruit in a place where it's less likely to be detected by these pesky invaders.

3. Set a Vinegar Trap

To get rid of kitchen floaters, turn to vinegar. Mix it in a bottle, ideally plastic, with one-third water and 10-20% vinegar. Once you've made your mixture, remove the lid and leave it be. This natural concoction serves as an effective trap. The vinegar draws the floaters in, leading them to enter the bottle and drown.

4. Make a Wine Trap

Now, wine can be just as effective in dealing with flies. Similar to the previous method, fill a bottle with red wine instead. Alternatively, pour wine into a bowl and seal it with clear plastic wrap. Then, make several holes in the wrap using a toothpick. The flies will be lured in through these holes and won't be able to escape, eventually drowning in the wine.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar & Dish Soap

For our next trick, mix apple cider vinegar with dish soap. Take an empty jam or honey jar, fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar, and add two drops of dish soap. Stir the mixture well. Leave the jar open on your kitchen counter. Soon, you'll notice the flies have ventured into the jar and met their watery grave

6. Clean Surfaces

Remember, it's not just ripe fruit that attracts these pests; they're also drawn to any food or drink spills on your kitchen counter. They can't resist the allure of spilled juices, crumbs, honey, jam, or even the remnants in empty wine or beer bottles. To keep them away, maintain a clean and tidy kitchen counter. Wipe away any residues or spills that might welcome these invaders into your kitchen.

7. Maintain a Clean Sink

Keeping your sink clean turns it into a no-go zone for these tiny pests. Make it a daily task to scrub away every crumb and residue that could catch their eye. Simply using water won't do the trick – make sure to use a good amount of soapy water for a thorough clean. Don't procrastinate on washing your dishes. A spotless sink means no pests

Additional Tips for a Clean Kitchen

Remember, cleanliness is your best defense against fruit flies. They're drawn to anything edible or resembling trash. Make sure to empty your garbage bins regularly, especially those under or near the sink. Also, don't forget to clean your fridge and cupboards from anything that might attract flies, like leftover pasta or flour.