Simple Trick to Remove Musty Smell from Clothes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.01 - 2023 2:20 PM CET

Simple Trick to Remove Musty Smell from Clothes.

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Many people avoid using a tumble dryer, which can lead to issues with moisture in their clothes. During the colder months, drying laundry indoors, especially without a dryer, can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate that damp smell and prevent it from returning, as reported by Pensionist.

When you've spent time and effort to make your clothes smell fresh and feel clean, the last thing you want is for them to end up musty. This musty smell often occurs because some moisture remains in the clothes after drying, and they will continue to smell damp until washed again. Even then, they might still retain a musty odor, so it's important to take steps as soon as possible to avoid the smell.

Use Vinegar

The smell will be particularly noticeable if the clothes are placed in a wardrobe with doors, as it traps the scent instead of allowing it to evaporate. Experts suggest that it's "simple" to get rid of damp smells on clothes.

First, wash the clothes with one or two detergent pods or a scoop of powder. It's ideal to choose a laundry brand targeted at odors.

"Along with the pods, you should add a cup of white vinegar to the load you're putting on. It should go directly into the drum of the washing machine," says an expert from the laundry brand Persil, adding,

"Vinegar is a disinfectant that helps remove odors. Alternatively, you can add some fabric softener, but it should be an 'intense' version to target odors and add a beautiful scent to the clothes."

Signs of Mold

If you notice signs of mold on the fabric, it's best to tackle this as quickly as possible. To remove mold from clothes, experts recommend washing them at a higher temperature to kill the spores.

If it's a nice day, clothes should be dried outside to give them a much-needed airing. Although this is more challenging in the winter months, laundry will still dry if you hang it outside.

To prevent the musty smell from occurring again, always wash wet or sweaty clothes as soon as possible. This is also a great way to prevent the buildup of sweat stains. It's always important to hang out the clean laundry to dry, or put it in the dryer, as soon as the washing machine is done.