The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Air Fryer Fries

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.26 - 2024 6:30 PM CET

Discover how to elevate your air fryer fries to gourmet levels with expert tips for achieving the perfect crunch and flavor.

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Air fryers have transformed the way we make fries, making it quicker and easier to enjoy this beloved side dish.

While air fryers excel at cooking all types of fries, from chunky and crinkle-cut to shoestring fries, there's always room for improvement. Whether you're craving loaded fries or seeking healthier alternatives, there are plenty of ways to enhance the flavor of this staple snack.

Pro Tips for Perfect Air Fryer Fries

Dry Your Potatoes: Ensure your potatoes are thoroughly dried with a paper towel after cutting. Removing moisture is key to getting that desirable crispy exterior and soft interior.

Prevent Overcrowding: Stuffing the air fryer might seem like a good idea when you're hungry, but too many fries can hinder proper air flow. Cooking in batches is a surefire way to achieve evenly crispy fries.

Strategic Arrangement: For serving a larger group, arrange your fries in a criss-cross pattern. This layout enhances air circulation, ensuring each fry is cooked to crispy perfection. This method lets you cook a large amount without compromising on the crispiness.

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