WhatsApp Trick: How to Find Out Who Has Saved Your Phone Number

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.17 - 2024 8:16 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
How to Find Out Who Has Saved Your Phone Number.

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Curious about who has your phone number saved? WhatsApp offers a feature not exactly intended for this purpose. Here's how it works.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in many regions. The mobile application facilitates the exchange of messages, images, or videos in just a few steps. Sometimes, one might wonder which contacts have actually saved their number. Using WhatsApp's Broadcast feature, you can find this out.

The trick works as follows:

  • Create a new Broadcast message and initially select a contact whom you're certain has saved your number.

  • Add another contact whom you're unsure whether they have saved your number. Wait about two to three hours to check if the second contact has read your message.

  • If the questionable contact is listed under "Read by", it means they indeed have your phone number saved. However, if the contact appears only under "Delivered to", then this recipient probably hasn't saved you in their contact list and thus couldn't read the message.

Note that some people might rarely be active on WhatsApp and therefore could take longer to read the message.

Here's the detailed procedure for iOS and Android:

  • On WhatsApp for iOS, tap on the "+" at the top right; for Android, tap on the three dots, then on "New Broadcast".

  • Select two contacts – one whom you know has saved your phone number and one whom you wish to check.

  • Tap on "Create" at the top right.

  • Compose a message and send the broadcast.

  • Wait a few hours to give the contacts enough time to read.

  • Long press on the sent message and then tap on "Info".

  • If the contact is listed under "Read by", they likely have saved your phone number.

  • If the contact is only listed under "Delivered to", they probably have not.

Please note: Both you and the contact you wish to check must have Read Receipts enabled in the privacy settings. Otherwise, you won't see whether your contacts have read the messages you sent.

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