Why Tennis Balls and Aluminum Foil Balls are Great for Your Laundry

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.14 - 2023 9:19 AM CET

Foto: Shutterstock.com
Foto: Shutterstock.com
Why Tennis Balls and Aluminum Foil Balls are Great for Your Laundry.

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Using tennis balls and aluminum foil balls in your laundry can save you time, money, and hassle. If you're tired of clothes clinging to each other after a spin in the dryer, it's time to try this simple trick.

Enter aluminum foil and tennis balls, the ultimate static killers and drying assistants.

Adding them to your dryer along with your clothes helps speed up the drying time and reduces static electricity. Simply tear off a sheet of aluminum foil and crumple it into a small ball.

According to Pensionist, you just have to throw it in your dryer and hit "start." As the drum spins with your laundry, the foil works by attracting and neutralizing static electricity, preventing your clothes from clinging due to static electricity when you take them out.

Additionally, throwing a couple of tennis balls into the drying cycle – especially with heavy loads like bedding, duvets, or pillows – can further improve your drying time.

The tennis balls bounce around and enhance the drum's efficiency. They help prevent the clothes from clumping together and evenly distribute heat, speeding up the drying process.

Remember, neither tennis balls nor aluminum foil balls will naturally add any scent to your laundry. However, if you want an extra freshness, consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the aluminum foil or tennis balls before throwing them in the dryer. This will add a scent you love and make your laundry smell fantastic.

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