Christmas Tree Expert with 3 Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.27 - 2023 8:20 AM CET

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree.

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The most common day for households to set up their trees this year is set to be December 2nd, according to professional Christmas decoration installers at The Christmas Creators.

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Lasts Three to Four Weeks

For those who want to get their trees up early, Petar Ivanov from Fantastic Services has shared the best Christmas trees to set up early. Mr. Ivanov said, before you cut down your Christmas tree, you should consider the type of tree, as some can start to dry out and lose needles faster than others.

"You can expect a Christmas tree to last about three to four weeks, or even longer in some cases. The key is to start with a fresh tree and maintain its hydration indoors at all times. With proper care, it can last up to five weeks or more. If you want to decorate early, I would recommend choosing a Fraser Fir, which is a noble fir, or Douglas Fir, as these are known for holding their needles better than other varieties like Scots pine," explains Mr. Ivanov.

3 Things to Look For

The Christmas tree expert particularly highlights three things to look for when selecting your Christmas tree.

"It's important to inspect your tree before buying it, as a healthy tree at the start is more likely to last longer," explains Ivanov, who offers these three tips:

Choose one with living, flexible needles that are firmly attached to the branches,

Look for one that has the fewest brown needles and is displayed in a shady spot.

It is generally recommended to avoid choosing those from sunny display areas.

Douglas firs are popular trees in the USA and are known for their sweet scent of pine. The tree lasts about four weeks, while Scots pine only lasts for three weeks. Fraser firs are perfect for anyone wanting to buy a large tree, as they are one of the strongest and most long-lasting options out there.

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