Cosmetic Brand Under Fire for Toxic Makeup Product

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.20 - 2024 11:04 AM CET

Another product has been discovered to contain a banned substance.

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Influencer and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso's high-end makeup company, Caia Cosmetics, is under fire again.

After previously being reported to the police for toxic makeup, another product from the brand has been found to contain a banned substance.

This time, it's an eyeliner that has raised concerns.

Discovery of Toxic Substance

The Swedish blog Blogbevakning reported that the Chemicals Inspectorate filed a police report regarding the "Caia Duo Eye Pencil."

The product was found to contain a banned PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) compound, which is known for being extremely difficult to break down and potentially harmful to both humans and the environment.

Earlier, the same product, "Caia Duo Eye Pencil," had already been flagged for containing this toxic substance.

The Chemicals Inspectorate stated in its police report the serious risks posed by PFAS compounds, which led to the product being pulled from Caia's range and removed from their website in April.

Company's Background

Bianca Ingrosso co-founded Caia Cosmetics in 2018.

The brand quickly gained popularity, and in 2020, the Swedish venture capital company Verdane became the majority owner.

Despite its success, the recent findings about the presence of banned substances in their products challenge the company's reputation.