Couple Therapist's 3 Tips: How to Avoid Stress and Tension During Christmas

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.18 - 2023 12:09 PM CET

How to Avoid Stress and Tension During Christmas.

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The Christmas season, often bustling and filled with expectations, can put a strain on many relationships. This time, which should be marked by joy, togetherness, and love, can lead to increased stress and a diminished focus on the qualities that usually keep a relationship strong. Over the world, many people experience heightened pressure in their relationships during the Christmas month, sometimes leading to permanent crises.

To prevent this, Rikke Kragh, a couple therapist in North Jutland, Denmark, offers three simple Christmas tips to strengthen your relationship rather than strain it:

Plan Together

Make sure to set aside time to discuss and coordinate your Christmas calendar. It's a good idea to mix expectations, hopes, and realistic agreements to avoid misunderstandings and busyness. This approach allows you to respect each other's needs while enjoying the season together.

Prioritize Quality Time Together

The Christmas month can easily be filled with shopping, joint events, and strenuous holiday preparations. It's crucial to create moments where you can be close and immerse yourselves in each other's company.

This could be a cozy evening with a good movie, a walk in festively decorated areas, or simply spending time together with a cup of hot chocolate.

Show Appreciation and Thoughtfulness

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can result in partners feeling overlooked or undervalued. Small gestures like a word of appreciation, a grateful hug, or a personal thoughtful act can play a significant role in strengthening the bonds that keep you together.

By following these tips, your relationship can not only be protected during the Christmas season but also enriched. The Christmas month should be a time to celebrate love and the connections you cherish.

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