Experts warn against popular car window defrosting hack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.22 - 2023 8:29 AM CET

Experts warn against popular car window defrosting hack.

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As winter approaches, experts are cautioning drivers against a popular social media hack for defrosting car windows, which could lead to severe consequences.

The hack involves using a payment card to scrape off the ice from the car's windshield. Specialists from Spencer Flint have recently issued a warning against this method, emphasizing its potential legal repercussions and risks of damage.

According to, using a payment card to scrape off ice could not only damage the windshield but also put drivers at risk of breaking the law.

According to regulations, drivers must have a clear view of the road, which is not possible if only part of the ice is removed from the windshield. The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) also stresses that it's insufficient to remove ice only from the driver's side of the windshield.

Sam Sheehan, an expert from Cinch, warned that using a CD cover or a credit card could scratch the surface of the windshield or damage the window seals. Ed Colley from AutoGlass further noted that such damages could even result in failing the annual MOT test.

Expert recommendations

Instead of resorting to makeshift solutions, experts recommend using proper defrosting tools. "Invest in an ice scraper and a defrosting spray. They are inexpensive, simple, and will save you time while preventing frozen fingers," say representatives from Spencer Flint.

They also add that driving with a windshield covered in ice or snow is a legal offense, which could result in a fine or even license suspension.

While quick fixes may seem tempting on a cold winter morning, experts urge drivers to take the extra minutes to properly remove the ice from the car's windshield to avoid potential damages and legal issues.