Ferne McCann earns praise for sharing authentic postpartum body photos

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.31 - 2023 10:46 PM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Ferne McCann earns praise for sharing authentic postpartum body photos

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Reality TV star Ferne McCann has been lauded for her candidness on social media, where she recently posted photos of her postpartum body.

McCann, who gave birth to her second daughter in July, took to Instagram to share her struggles with body image after childbirth. She admitted that her body is taking longer to return to its pre-pregnancy state and expressed impatience with herself. However, she chose to embrace her body for what it has accomplished, stating,

"My body created & carried my baby girls so how can I insult it?"

In her post, McCann also revealed her plans to make healthy changes in her life, including eating nourishing foods and incorporating exercise into her routine.

The post received an outpouring of support, with many praising her for showing the 'real' side of postpartum life.

Fans commented on her honesty and encouraged her to be kind to herself, citing their own experiences with childbirth and body image.

McCann's openness about her postpartum body comes as a refreshing change in a social media landscape often filled with idealized images of motherhood and post-birth bodies.

By sharing her journey, she not only offers a more realistic perspective but also provides support to other women going through similar experiences.

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