Few People Know This: How Often You Should Wash Your Washcloths

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.06 - 2023 1:17 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
How Often You Should Wash Your Washcloths.

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When it comes to personal hygiene, washcloths are a staple in many bathrooms. However, the cleanliness of these washcloths is crucial for maintaining skin health. According to dermatologist Nina Roos in an interview with Femme Actuelle, proper and regular cleaning of washcloths is essential.

Washcloths, often found hanging in the shower or left on the bathroom floor, can become breeding grounds for bacteria due to their damp and warm conditions.

These factors can quickly turn a washcloth into a hotspot for bacteria.

Roos warns, "The risk with all these objects is skin infection." To ensure effective and safe washing, she recommends laundering washcloths every 3 to 4 days for daily use, or at least once a week.

For cleaning, Roos suggests washing the washcloths in a washing machine with a 60°C program to eliminate dirt and grease stains.

She also emphasizes the importance of drying, as residual moisture can promote bacterial growth. Flat air drying is advisable if using a drying rack, or using a towel dryer for quick and effective drying. To always have a clean washcloth ready, she advises having 2 to 3 identical models to rotate them properly.

Regarding the softness of washcloths, frequent washing can lead them to become rougher. To counter this, Carré Blanc, a home linen brand, recommends several techniques such as drying bath linen on a towel dryer to maintain softness, using less detergent, or substituting fabric softener with white vinegar or lemon to dissolve limescale.

Finally, Roos advises against the use of washcloths for those with sensitive skin, as they can potentially irritate the skin. For those who do use them, she reminds to hydrate the skin after showering

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